[squid-users] on_unsupported_protocol doesn't work for bumped https connecttions

Alex Rousskov rousskov at measurement-factory.com
Wed Nov 18 15:55:19 UTC 2015

On 11/18/2015 12:53 AM, Tarik Demirci wrote:

> I did more detailed tests for this case. Constructing a tcp-in-https
> connection results with error ERR_PROTOCOL_UNKNOWN in spite of
> "on_unsupported_protocol tunnel all" conf directive. Is this a Squid
> bug? Doc for on_unsupported_protocol says it works for bumped tunnels
> but I can't confirm this in any way.
> I debugged the code and it fails in a check in clientTunnelOnError
> function. By the time Squid understands it's not http inside https,
> conn->nrequests value is 2. So conn->nrequests <= 1 check fails.

This is a development topic. Consider moving this thread to squid-dev.

AFAICT, the intended goal of the nrequests check is to prevent switching
to tunnel mode after the tunnel has already been proven to carry a
"supported" protocol (i.e., HTTPS or HTTP).

I do not think that nrequests check is correct: The nrequests member is
incremented on every request, so it may be very large if a browser
switches to a tunnel after sending many regular requests:


I also suspect the check is difficult to get right because fake CONNECTs
on intercepted connections and real CONNECTs on forwarded connections
might be counted differently. I did not verify that, but it may explain
why you are hitting this bug -- the code may have been tested with
intercepted connections only and just "assumed" to work for CONNECT
tunnels as well.

I recommend replacing nrequests check with a check based on a new
tooLateToTunnel boolean data member. That member can be initialized to
false and set to true after receiving valid HTTP request headers inside
an inspected connection (at least).

Thank you,


> Here how I did the test:
> - Install stunnel to both 'Netcat Server' and 'Client'.
> - Add Issuer CA of the stunnel certificate to trusted authorities of
> 'Squid Box'.
> - Open a tcp connection with netcat through stunnel.
> This results with familiar ERR_PROTOCOL_UNKNOWN.
> Note: I'm confident that https setup is correct because redirecting
> traffic to nginx instead of netcat results with a successfull
> connection.
> Thanks,

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