[squid-users] strange behavior with systemd

Jakob Curdes jc at info-systems.de
Fri Nov 13 13:55:29 UTC 2015

Hello all,

I have a squid running as reverse proxy on a CentOS 7 box which uses 
systemd. When installing the box everything was fine; I enabled the 
squid service and it would start via systemd.
Now I have exchanged the certificate fot the HTTPS service. Then I did a 
"systemctl start  squid.service" and whoops, it failed. I then tried to 
start squid manually which works perfectly, so the config file is ok. I 
looked at the output of  "journalctl -xn", which shows that squid claims 
it cannot find the certificate I configured. I double-checked that there 
is only one squid config file and that the same config file is used 
whether I start it per hand or via systemd (which uses the config file 
defined in /etc/sysconfig/squid). Then I thought maybe systemd does some 
tricky config file caching and rebooted the box. No change, start via 
systemd says "FATAL: No valid signing SSL certificate configured for 
https_port [::]:443" while starting by hand gives  "Using certificate in 
/etc/squid/...".  I'm pretty sure this is rather an issue with systemd 
than with squid, but before asking there I wanted to check whether I 
have overlooked something on the squid side. Any ideas?

Hav a good weekend,

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