[squid-users] Slow read for ICAP REQMOD body

David Smith dsmith at travelrepublic.co.uk
Mon Nov 16 14:30:14 UTC 2015


I'm in the middle of writing an ICAP server.
Reading the encapsulated body of a REQMOD message from Squid is taking 300ms. Reading the ICAP headers / HTTP headers is extremely quick.
When I send a test message to the server it takes under 30ms so I don't think this is my implementation (obviously wouldn't rule it out)

The squid server is 3.3.8 running in a docker container.
The request to the squid server is over https and the squid proxy is setup to for SSL interception.

Does this look suspiciously slow?
I would guess this is probably my squid configuration or possibly something to do with the docker container.
If it is slow any suggestions what to do next?


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