[squid-users] (about external_acl_type problem ) two people can't login and access internet together

johnzeng johnzeng2013 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 18 09:04:18 UTC 2015

Hello All

         if possible ,please give me some advisement , thanks 

 Whether ttl=50 (value) is too low , Maybe i will update ttl value to
ttl=3600 cache=1048576 .

i have a question still , Whether cached results for external_acl is
reponse from helper program ?

for example :

if FORMAT is %SRC , and helper progrm return "OK\n" ,

and external_acl_type tell squid to cache suitable %SRC ( for example :
client is ,and will cache into Cache valued )

if helper progrm return "ERR\n" ,

won't cache any value or cache src ip into cached negative valued ...

Whether My understanding is correct ?

	  external_acl_type name [options] FORMAT.. /path/to/helper [helper arguments..]


	  ttl=n		TTL in seconds for cached results (defaults to 3600
	  		for 1 hour)

	  		TTL for cached negative lookups (default same
	  		as ttl)

	  cache=n	Limit the result cache size, default is 262144.
			The expanded FORMAT value is used as the cache key, so
			if the details in FORMAT are highly variable a larger
			cache may be needed to produce reduction in helper load.


Hello All:

i test splash portal via external_acl_type ...

Although the first people succeed to login and can access internet , but
when second people succeed to login and can access internet ,

and the firest people have to login again . when the firest people
succeed to login and can access internet ,

second people have to login again .

my meaning is : There's only one person who can access internet at same

I guess [channel-ID] is error at my config , but i can't confirm.

if concurrency=10

how to identify or find correct [channel-ID] ,


Whether return value format is correct for squid ?

for example

fwrite(STDOUT, $stream_id." ERR\n");

If possible , please give me some advisement .


--------Squid.conf ---------------

external_acl_type session ipv4 concurrency=10 ttl=50 %SRC
acl session_login external session
acl splash_page url_regex -i ^

deny_info session_login

http_access allow splash_page
http_access deny !session_login

--------------Helper program config ( php )-----------------

while (!feof(STDIN))
$stream_line = trim(fgets(STDIN));
$stream_array = split("[ ]+", $stream_line);
$stream_ip = trim($stream_array[1]);
$stream_id = trim($stream_array[0]);


fwrite(STDOUT, $stream_id." ERR\n");


fwrite(STDOUT, $stream_id." OK\n");

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