[squid-users] How can i keep log files for longer periods?

Brijesh B. Mehta brijeshbmehta at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 09:50:44 UTC 2015


I am new to squid and using it for few days. i found that in my squid
configuration (which default i guess) access log of only three days is
being maintained (/var/log/squid3/). Now i want to store access log of
more than 3 days say for month so what changes i need to make in my
configuration file? I already read about rotate a log file but it
confused me so i haven't tried it yet.
Kindly provide me some solution



Mr. Brijesh B. Mehta
Research Scholar,
Computer Engineering Department,
S. V. National Institute of Technology,
Surat - 395007
Gujarat, India

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