[squid-users] problem with squidGuard redirect page after upgrading squid

Marcus Kool marcus.kool at urlfilterdb.com
Tue Dec 29 01:28:40 UTC 2015

On 12/28/2015 08:46 PM, George Hollingshead wrote:
> I've had squid3.0 running with squidGuard on my old ubuntu 10.04 system with no problems for a few months now.
> I just recently was enlightened by Yuri how to compile using a local copy of openssl so i could upgrade to latest squid.  This was a success.  Thanx again Yuri :)
> Only problem now is when squidGuard goes to redirect a blocked page it comes up with something like   URL /block.html192.168.2.20 <> page not found.
> the local net address their is the computer that is being blocked.
> Like i said earlier, this all worked before redirecting to http://localhost/block.html when needed, but since i upgraded squid from ubuntu's 3.0  to a compiled 3.5 i get this responce.
> Any ideas as i'm not sure if squidGuard is been updated in 6 years.  i realize this is a squid mailing list, but i could use some info if anyone has experienced this or has insight!
> Thanx guys

You can use ufdbGuard instead of squidGuard.
ufdbGuard is Open Source and updated regularly.
If you do not use ssl-bump, ufdbGuard 1.31 works fine.
If you need ssl-bump, you have to wait for ufdbGuard 1.32 which is expected to be released in February 2016.


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