[squid-users] problem with squidGuard redirect page after upgrading squid

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Thu Dec 31 10:43:05 UTC 2015

On 2015-12-29 11:46, George Hollingshead wrote:
> I've had squid3.0 running with squidGuard on my old ubuntu 10.04
> system with no problems for a few months now.
> I just recently was enlightened by Yuri how to compile using a local
> copy of openssl so i could upgrade to latest squid.  This was a
> success.  Thanx again Yuri :)
> Only problem now is when squidGuard goes to redirect a blocked page it
> comes up with something like   URL /block.html192.168.2.20
> [1] page not found.
> the local net address their is the computer that is being blocked.
> Like i said earlier, this all worked before redirecting to
> http://localhost/block.html when needed, but since i upgraded squid
> from ubuntu's 3.0  to a compiled 3.5 i get this responce.
> Any ideas as i'm not sure if squidGuard is been updated in 6 years.

SG is no longer maintained software. As Marcus already mentioned 
ufdbguard can be used instead if you really need the helper at all.

The distro providers which still provide SG are patching their packages 
to cope with the newer Squid helper protocol. If you cannot get away 
from SG, then you need to also to rebuild SG from that newer repository 
to maintain the lock-step dependency between them.
  But that said; everything SG provides a current Squid can also do 
(maybe better) by itself.


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