[squid-users] 1Gb limit on https downloads

Ilya namr33b at yandex.ru
Fri Dec 18 11:42:02 UTC 2015


When download big files (>1Gb) by httpS protocol connection stalled on 1Gb mark and after some time dropped.
In access and cache logs no any errors or warnings about dropped connections.

Tested on Win 7 Firefox and Chrome browsers with Squid 3.1.23 running on FreeBSD 8/64 without https interception, just normal "CONNECT" tunnel.

Same result with Win 7 Firefox and Chrome browsers with Squid 3.5.12 on Ubuntu 64 with ssl-bump enabled.
In bumped logs, size of downloading file seems incorrect - around 1Gb, real file size is around 5Gb

In both situations file was downloaded from google drive, with same result - stalled on 1Gb stage

Setting reply_body_max_size to none, don't help with https.
Is here any option in squid config file or compile option to change limit of https downloads?

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