[squid-users] refresh_pattern and same objects

FredB fredbmail at free.fr
Fri Aug 21 17:06:43 UTC 2015

Thank Amos, very interesting as usual 

So, my vision was old school (HTTP 1.0), I should read the recent documentations to find something optimal for my caches without side effect, in the past (squid 2.x I guess) I saw some objects changed in website who were never delivered by Squid (always the cached version, without a browser/squidclient force refresh of course) and it's a lot of pain with many proxies and many users behind a load balancer ...

Actually with the default values I have 20/30 % bytes cached (40/50 % HIT ratio) without any phone call :) Interesting score without sslbump, for youtube and others, squid makes a great job  


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