[squid-dev] Squid 4.13: too much memory used for ACL url_regex when big list file used

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Tue Aug 17 01:38:23 UTC 2021

On 17/08/21 5:45 am, Meridoff wrote:
> Hello, I have simplest squid config with such acl:
> acl a1 url_regex "/tmp/urls.txt"
> In /tmp/urls.txt there are about 220 000 URL regexps, most of them in 
> such form (example):
> ^(https?|ftp)://([a-z0-9.-]+\.)?nicebox\.pro(/.*)?$
> OR
> ^(https?|ftp)://order-yudobashi-com\.363q1\.bar/
> There are a lot of memory used by squid for such configuration: about 
> 2GB. Without this command: about 30MB used.

Are those numbers without traffic going through?
ie. just Squid loading the configuration then does nothing.

> So aprxm. 10KB for 1 regexp. Is it normal? I think it is too big..

regex rules get aggregated into longer compound lines, then compiled 
into a binary form for the regex library to handle. It is not easy to 
tell how the compiled form will compare in size to the original strings.

> I think that such big consumption is because of regexps , for simple 
> strings (for example, domains or IPs) consumption will be less.

Sure. "Simple strings" will be not much larger than the size of the file 
input - though there is some extra memory used for indexing etc.

> How I can decrease memory consumption for such big regexp lists in ACLs 
> ? May be some fix in squid or some fix in regexp lists ?

First thing to do is figure out where the memory is being consumed.

This command:
  squidclient mgr:mem

Will produce a spreadhsheet in TSV format of the memory allocations your 
Squid has. Look through that for the big memory spenders, with an eye on 
the regex one(s) you are suspicious of.


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