[squid-dev] Squid 4.13: too much memory used for ACL url_regex when big list file used

Meridoff oagvozd at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 17:45:15 UTC 2021

Hello, I have simplest squid config with such acl:

acl a1 url_regex "/tmp/urls.txt"

In /tmp/urls.txt there are about 220 000 URL regexps, most of them in such
form (example):

There are a lot of memory used by squid for such configuration: about 2GB.
Without this command: about 30MB used.

So aprxm. 10KB for 1 regexp. Is it normal? I think it is too big..

I think that such big consumption is because of regexps , for simple
strings (for example, domains or IPs) consumption will be less.

How I can decrease memory consumption for such big regexp lists in ACLs ?
May be some fix in squid or some fix in regexp lists ?

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