[squid-dev] 3.5.27 fails to build with gcc7 on 32 bits

Andreas Hasenack andreas at canonical.com
Thu Aug 24 14:34:57 UTC 2017


I'm trying to file a bug about this problem, but bugs.squid-cache.org just
times out with a 504 when I click submit. I did manage to add a comment to
the existing (but closed) 4671 bug, though:

Here is what would be in the new bug report:
3.5.27 contains many gcc7 build fixes, and they all work when the source is
built on 64bits. But on 32bits it fails:
Format.cc: In member function ‘void Format::Format::assemble(MemBuf&, const
Pointer&, int) const’:
Format.cc:345:1: error: ‘%0*lld’ directive output may be truncated writing
between 1 and 2147483646 bytes into a region of size 1024
 Format::Format::assemble(MemBuf &mb, const AccessLogEntry::Pointer &al,
int logSequenceNumber) const
Format.cc:345:1: note: directive argument in the range [-2147483648,

The v3.5 branch (and the 3.5.27 release as a result) seems to be missing
the 4671 part 4 fix:


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