[squid-dev] Added states to pull requests

Alex Rousskov rousskov at measurement-factory.com
Fri Aug 11 00:13:31 UTC 2017


    I noticed that GitHub cannot express several important pull request
states. For example, GitHub's "changes requested" PR status means that

* the PR author is expected to make changes based on prior reviewer(s)
feedback; or

* the PR reviewer(s) are expected to verify that all previously
expressed concerns have been addressed by the latest changes.

I added two[1] labels to distinguish these two different states:
S-waiting-for-reviewer and S-waiting-for-author[2].

There is a similar problem with GitHub's "approved" PR status. It could
mean that

* the PR author is expected to either make some minor improvements or
refuse to make them and merge the approved PR as is;

* a committer is expected to merge the approved PR; or

* the PR author is waiting for more reviews, despite getting at least
one positive one.

S-waiting-for-author can already be used to distinguish the first bullet
from the other two[1]. I added two more labels to distinguish the last
two states: S-waiting-for-committer and S-waiting-for-more-reviewers.

Finally, there are similar problems with GitHub's "review required" PR
status. The already added labels seem to be enough[1] to distinguish
various cases for that state.

[1] Ability to cover more use cases is one of the reasons I added two
labels where one would have sufficed (to distinguish two states).
Besides, interpreting the pull request roster is much easier when all
waiting PRs are labeled.

[2] The "S-" prefix stands for "state". Many GitHub projects end up
using lots of labels so it is a good idea (not mine!) to group related
labels using prefixes like that.



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