[squid-dev] introduce of myself ,I´m new

Sebastian Kirschner s.kirschner at afa-finanz.de
Wed Nov 11 14:09:55 UTC 2015

Hi I´d like to introduce myself ,

I´m 26 Years old live in Germany and work as IT-Administrator in a little company.

My area of work include all what has to-do with IT from ordering computer install it and setup at users desk to setting up network with servers.

At the moment my main topic is preparing a Firewall with the capability of Layer 7 Filtering, these include squid . 
After a short time I recognized that the "build-in" capabilities from the open source Firewall solution I would like to use aren't "enough" for my requirements.

Then I started to build squid from freebsd ports and installed it on the Firewall OS and now I´m at a point where I need to improve(or at least try it) squid :-) .

Because I would like to check the certificate that squid request(after the client started the request to squid) from https-sites against OCSP stapling, OCSP and CRL, 
but it isn't possible at the moment in my configuration because I use squid as transparent proxy.

At the moment my "area of improvement" would be the SSL server certificate validator and later the certificate validation.

I hope the introducing is not to long :-).

Best Regards

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