[squid-users] squid ftp list files problem

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Thu Mar 25 12:36:25 UTC 2021

>On Thursday 25 March 2021 at 12:53:09, maurizio wrote:
>> I have a squid 4.14 version installed recently. I have a problem when we use
>> that like ftp proxy(via port 21): when a client use that and try to use the
>> ftp command ls(list) in a directory with a lot files (in my test 250 files)
>> the list command freezing(list partial list files).

On 25.03.21 13:01, Antony Stone wrote:
>Is this passive or active FTP?

yes, this can be passive/port FTP issue.
It also can be an issue of PASV/EPSV and PORT/EPTR

on one proxy I've had this error I configured:

acl epsv_fail dst "/etc/squid/epsv-fail-servers"
ftp_epsv deny epsv_fail
ftp_epsv allow all

>> I have tried with a very old proxy ftp(frox) and the list command doesn't
>> free, it's return the list correctly.
>> Please, is it a bug or misconfiguration?
>1. We don't know whether it's a misconfiguration until you show us your
>2. What is displayed in Squid's log files at the time this occurs?
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