[squid-users] a specific host generates a 503 ...

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Mon Mar 15 09:14:43 UTC 2021

>>On 12/03/21 1:14 am, Eliezer Croitoru wrote:
>>>It's sitting behind:  DDoS protection by Cloudflare
>>>So it makes sense that you would not be able to download it using wget.
>>>The only option probably is using a web browser.
>>>I would suggest contacting clamav.net web/system admins to verify 
>>>what are the options.

>On 11.03.2021 15:33, Amos Jeffries wrote:
>>FWIW, the tools I use seem to fetch it fine when adding the header 
>>"User-Agent: ClamAV/0.103.1 (OS: linux-gnu, ARCH: x86_64, CPU: 

On 13.03.21 13:03, Walter H. wrote:
>the freshclam updater does adding this User-Agent, and fails on the 
>newer squids, only the older ones succeeeds;
>and wget succeeds using the older squid, too?
>(without adding a User-Agent)
>why is that?

due to huge abuse from web fetchers like wget, clamav has recently blocked
fetching virus databases by non-freshclam clients and freshclam older than

I can't really tell why or how it worked with older squid releases (maybe
clearing the user-agent?), but you should definitely download ClamAV updates
using recent freshclam.

Please, upgrade to recent ClamAV first, or set up cvdupdate:

If that doesn't work, contact the clamav - changes are, you are blacklisted
from fetching updates.

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