[squid-users] Squid not sending input into external_acl_type helper script

Alex Rousskov rousskov at measurement-factory.com
Sat Sep 26 15:17:52 UTC 2020

On 9/25/20 4:28 PM, Ajb B wrote:
> So I have a external_acl_type helper script and it's not reading input
> from Squid.
> Here it is:
> redis-cli HSET 'test' data 'SCRIPT DID RUN' >/dev/null
> while read -s line; do
>   redis-cli HSET 'test' data 'LOOP STARTED ' >/dev/null
>   printf '%s\n' 'OK'
> done
> And here are my Squid configuration directives:
> external_acl_type ex_parent_proxy %LOGIN /etc/squid/squid-access-control.sh
> acl parent_proxy_1 external ex_parent_proxy
> http_access allow parent_proxy_1
> When I test it out, the 'SCRIPT DID RUN' value does get set in the
> database. However, 'LOOP STARTED' does not. Any idea why?

Perhaps access is granted (or denied) by an earlier http_access rule?

If no test transactions are currently denied, then, to test the above
theory, you can add an "http_access deny all" rule immediately
before/above your "http_access allow parent_proxy_1" rule and see
whether Squid starts denying any test transactions. If it does not, the
theory is probably correct.


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