[squid-users] Squid ICAP DNS lookup failure fixed?

Eliezer Croitor ngtech1ltd at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 17:17:17 UTC 2020

Hey Andy,


What have you tried in your debug?

What OS are you using Squid ontop?


It's possible that this issue is not related 100% to squid and it might be a
different issue then in the post by Aashima.

Have you tried debugging DNS resolution with tcpdump or dnstap or Squid

If so please post the relevant details.


If it can be reproduced in any environment with the same OS I believe it
would be much simpler to fix somehow.

(I am not volunteering to fix it.)





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Hi all, 


I'm using squid 3.5.20 and I'm having the same problem as Aashima Madaan in
his Mailing list thread from 4 years ago. 

After Squid Server Restart the ICAP Integration is failing, after some
minutes DNS resolution was done successfully and everything is fine. 
Like in the Post from Aashima: 



>From the thread I can see that there was made some kind of patch. Is this
DNS resolving issue fixed in a new Squid version?


Regards, Andy


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