[squid-users] Configuring squid to fake Internet connection

Ari Fordsham arifordsham at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 16:07:45 UTC 2020

Hi, I'm brand new to Squid.

I am trying to use Squid to solve the following problem -
I work on the road, often without an Internet connection. Unfortunately, an
application I am using downloads some files from the Internet on every
interface navigation, and when offline, waits (2 minutes!) for the
connection to time out before responding. This makes the
application completely unusable. The actual content of the download is
unimportant (probably even a 404 error would be fine) but I cannot prevent
the application from waiting for connection timeout.

To this end I installed squid, and have successfully routed the traffic
from said problematic application through it, to the exclusion of regular
Internet, including browsing traffic, which does not go through squid, and
successfully configured internet access through squid.

I would now like to configure squid so that i can run the application (with
internet on), loading its downloads into squid's cache, and then have squid
serve that up to the application instantly on every subsequent request,
irrelevant of internet connectivity and content expiry headers, including
from a fresh boot while offline.

Can someone point me toward the correct configuration/directives?

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