[squid-users] Debugging a slow Squid?

roee klinger roeeklinger60 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 12:00:47 UTC 2020

Hey everyone,

I have been having a slow response time on my Squid and I am trying to
figure out why and debug, I am not sure if the server room router is
slowing the response or if Squid is at fault.

I am aware of the <tr> in the Squid log, but does it show the time it took
Squid to process the request or does it also include the time it took the
request to even get to Squid (for example the time from the router to
Squid, from the user to the router, etc)?

What would be the best way to isolate, inspect, and improve Squid
performance, regardless of network performance?

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