[squid-users] Gather POST request on HTTPS traffic?

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Tue Nov 17 13:14:04 UTC 2020

On 18/11/20 1:41 am, roee klinger wrote:
> Hey Amos,
> Thanks for your response, I will try to implement this today and check 
> if I can get the data I am looking for.
> I do however have a few questions regarding this approach:
> 1. If I understand the docu currently, then the server is getting a 
> response which is identical to the client, meaning the server should not 
> detect anything unusual? The last thing I want is for Instagram to 
> detect something unusual and ban our clients Instagram accounts.

That depends on the what you configure. Interception is always 
detectable, though most services have limited detection (if they care at 

> 2. You said I will need to figure out a way to identify accounts, in 
> Chrome the requests contain the info for both the accounts performing 
> the action and the account receiving the action, should I see the same 
> in these requests?

Yes. That is what I mean by personal data *will* be gathered.

> 3. By “personal” data we are referring to data generated by our clients 
> accounts, which are paying and willing for us to collect it to improve 
> our service, of course it will also contain data on the account which 
> they are performing the actions on, but this is not something that is 
> not visible on the Instagram app, is there anything else I should be 
> aware of that might be a privacy issue?

That definition confirms the false nature of "No personal account data 
will be gathered." - having permission to gather does not negate the 
existence of gathering.

Just make sure you have a real lawyers opinion / advice on the situation 

> 4. While this is great for my use case, is this something I should be 
> aware of when using outside proxies on our machine? Can any proxy 
> service simply decrypt and log our personal data? Seems like a security 
>   vulnerability I should be aware of.

You will notice when configuring SSL-Bump that you must install signing 
CA certificates used by your proxy into the clients software. Without 
that CA trust you cannot bump.

The possibility of bumping (or lack of) is true for any intermediary 


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