[squid-users] Gather POST request on HTTPS traffic?

roee klinger roeeklinger60 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 23:14:03 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

I work at a digital agency that has quite a few machines that are managing
some Instagram accounts, they are all running in the same LAN and we are
using Squid as a proxy to log and analyze some usage statistics and to make
sure the machines are only used for Instagram.

We had an idea to use Squid to capture the POST data of users on the proxy
level, for example, likes, follows, comments, etc so we can log and analyze
everything in a convenient central way, so we can analyze it and even send
out clients a monthly report of all the actions their accounts made (who
they followed, what they liked, etc).

I can easily see the requests that I want to capture inside the "network"
tab in Chrome but the problem is that Instagram uses HTTPS, so I can't seem
to be able to capture this data.

Is there any way for me to log this data via Squid using the POST data or
any other way?

Note: We are aware of the legal issues, all machines connected to the
network are company property, and all the accounts are client accounts that
allow us to gather statistics. No personal account data will be gathered.
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