[squid-users] issues with sslbump and "Host header forgery detected" warnings

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Sat Nov 7 11:42:36 UTC 2020

On 7/11/20 10:18 am, Leonardo Rodrigues wrote>
>      However, some connections are failing with the "Host header forgery 
> detected" warnings. Example:
>      Questions:
>      - without using WPAD or without configuring proxy on the client 
> devices, is this somehow "fixable" ? Same DNS already being used ...

All we can do is minimize the occurrences (sometimes not very much). 
This wiki page has all the details of why and workarounds 

>      - is there any chance the NONE/409 (Conflict) logs i'm seeing are 
> not related to this? Maybe these are just WARNINGs and not ERRORs, or 
> these would really cause a fail to the intercepted connection?

No. The only time current Squid produce 409 status is these Host header 

>      - any other hint on this one without having to set proxy, in any 
> way, on the clients? I just wanna have hostnames (and traffic generated) 
> logged, no need for full decrypt (bumping) of the connections.

No, sorry.


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