[squid-users] Caching https data

Darwin O'Connor doconnor at transsee.ca
Wed Jul 29 22:34:05 UTC 2020

I run a transit prediction web app <https://www.transsee.ca/>. It 
connects to a variety of web APIs to collect the real time data it 
needs. The apps activities are split among many processes. They 
currently uses libcurl to connect to squid for caching (often for as 
little as 10-30 seconds) and benefits of connection sharing, but some of 
the APIs use https, so in that case the data passes through squid 
without the benefits of caching or connection sharing.

I would like to configure squid to connect to these servers securely and 
pass it unencrypted to clients. Security isn't really an issue since 
this step is all within the one server. I'll have to configure libcurl 
to allow unencrypted data.

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