[squid-users] SQUID with cache_peer config + E2guardian - too many connections

Klaus Brandl klaus_brandl at genua.de
Wed Jul 29 12:37:16 UTC 2020

On Thursday 30 July 2020 00:24:52 Amos Jeffries wrote:
> On 29/07/20 11:58 pm, Klaus Brandl wrote:
> > On Wednesday 29 July 2020 23:03:43 Amos Jeffries wrote:
> >> On 29/07/20 8:29 pm, Klaus Brandl wrote:
> >>> Setting an other "visible_hostname" may also help.
> >> 
> >> Why do you think the hostname has any relation to the problem?
> > 
> > because we had also a forwarding loop by connection 2 squids on the same
> > host together via a parent statement. Then in the via header there was
> > the same hostname 2 times, and this issued squid to detect a forwarding
> > loop. Setting an other visible_hostname on one of the squids solved this
> > problem.>
> In your situation the parent proxy was wrongly reporting loops since it
> saw its own name coming out of the child proxy. That is not a real loop,
> just a misconfiguration on your part to begin with.
> NP: Klaus, unique_hostname is probably a better solution to your
> problem. That lets loop detection work properly but both proxies send
> URLs containing the shared visible_hostname to clients when they need to
> reference proxy resources.

ok, thank you, i will use this next time we have this problem.

> For this thread the OP has only one Squid and it is first in the proxy
> chain.

i saw the "cache_peer parent 8080..." entry and it remembered me to 
our problem, sorry.

> For a loop to happen the peer must already be accepting traffic from
> Squid with its current visible/public hostname. Only after that the
> traffic might loop back to Squid to begin another circle. So setting the
> Squid hostname to a different value will not stop any real loops, only
> alter the string placed in the Via header each cycle.
> Right now in the troubleshooting we are trying to get loops to show up
> to see whether that is the hidden problem.
> Amos
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