[squid-users] Problem with HAProxy + Squid 4.11 + Kerberos authentication

Rafael Akchurin rafael.akchurin at diladele.com
Fri Jul 24 09:39:08 UTC 2020

Hello Klaus, Brett, all list members,

This is the scheme with haproxy and Squid we use all the time in our test lab for Web Safety - we need to constantly add/remove test nodes to the cluster without breaking/changing anything in Kerberos settings for the constantly running client pool - https://docs.diladele.com/administrator_guide_stable/active_directory_extra/redundancy/haproxy_proxy_protocol.html

And yes we do *not* use computer account, we use *user* account instead.
See the reasoning  in the tutorial.

Best regards,
Rafael Akchurin
Diladele B.V.


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On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 06:07:39PM +0200, Klaus Brandl wrote:
> But if anyone knows a solution, i will spread my ears :)

What we do is:

1) create a user account in AD that will be used for the HA front end, set a password and export the keytab for this user
2) Use ktadmin to import the keytab entries for the user created in step
1 into the keytab for squid on the squid servers.
3) Set a SPN (setspn) in AD that maps HTTP://ha.fqdn.address to the user created in 1

The SPN (service principal name) tells kerberos to use the user details set up in step 1 to authenticate http requests.  This works for us, has been for years.

One thing, if you want to know the IP addresses of your clients in the squid logs you will need to do some extra stuff because all accesses will appear to come from the HA loadbalancer.  We have configured our load balancers to insert the X-Forwarded-For header into the http traffic and then modified the logging to log both the loadblancer and client IP.

Brett Lymn
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