[squid-users] Simple REGEX not working...

David A. Gershman dagershman at dagertech.net
Thu Jul 23 02:22:05 UTC 2020


I have the following in my config file:

     acl user_allowed url_regex ^https://example\.com/

but surfing to that site fails (authentication works fine).  My ultimate 
goal is to have an RE comparable to the PCRE of:


While the PCRE works just fine in other tools (my own scripts, online, 
etc.), I was unable to get it to work within Squid3.  As I stripped away 
pieces of the RE in the config file, the only RE which seemed to work was:


...not even having the ending '/'.  However, this obviously does not 
meet my needs.

I'm on Debian 10 and am unable to determine which RE library Debian 
compiled Squid3 against (I've got a Tweet out to them to see if they can 
point me in the right direction).

Ultimately, I would like to get Squid to use PCREs.



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