[squid-users] Assertion failed (mempool.cc)

Gabor Berczi squid at gabucino.hu
Sun Jul 19 07:35:18 UTC 2020

On Jul 18, 2020, at 11:15 PM, Alex Rousskov wrote:

> I would try building the previous one again, using the exact same
> procedure as you are using to build the new executable. Does the freshly
> rebuilt old executable start OK? If yes, rebuild the new one from a
> fresh directory. Just in case.

I'm using the same shell script (e.g. options). But a plain ./configure && make
procedure is similarly unable to produce a working exe.

> Also, checking (e.g., using "ldd") that both working and broken
> executables are usining the same shared libraries may be useful.

They do.

Ah found the culprit. Turns out I was using "as" from binutils-2.27 (only checked "ld" before), mixed up with everything else.


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