[squid-users] Forcing squid to fail when the whitelist doesn't exist

Alex Rousskov rousskov at measurement-factory.com
Thu Jul 9 15:30:39 UTC 2020

On 7/9/20 2:25 AM, Matthew Macdonald-Wallace wrote:
>     > I'll check the version that we're running and see if I can do this.  I
>     > suspect that due to "enterprise requirements" our version won't be the
>     > latest, but hopefully it will support this.
>     AFAICT, all supported Squid versions have parameters(). You will need to
>     enable configuration_includes_quoted_values in squid.conf to get that
>     feature. IIRC, that directive was supposed to be on by default, but that
>     cannot happen until we fix regex support (at least).

> Turns out we're running 3.5.x

I have not tested this, but if my quick reading of the latest v3.5 code
is correct, then the missing parameters() file is treated as a FATAL
configuration error (in ConfigParser::NextToken). How do you use
parameters()? What happens when you use parameters() with an existing
file? A missing file?


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