[squid-users] sslbump with squid 4.9 and websockets doesn't work

Dieter Bloms squid.org at bloms.de
Thu Jan 16 16:02:21 UTC 2020


I use squid 4.9 with enabled sslbump and it works great for the most

There are some websites, which use websockets like web.whatsapp.com
and can not be reached with enabled sslbump.
When I exclude this destination from sslbump, I get the qrcode, which
can be scanned with the smartphone.
But if I've enabled sslbump, the qrcode doesn't appear and the browser
seems to hang.

The Debugging window of my chrome browser reports stalled access to the uri

Does anybody know how to enable wss support in squid, so the website can
be reached even sslbump is enabled ?

I know, that I can disable sslbump for his site, but there are more and
more site, which uses websockets wss://
So I want to use an generic solution, without putting them one by one in
a list.

Thank you very much.



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