[squid-users] TCP incoming requests Traffic Normalization

Ahmad Alzaeem 0xff1f at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 10:36:00 UTC 2020

Hello Folks .

I have about 10x sources or different ip addresses  and sending requests to squid  .

imagine we have 10 servers and sending burst in sometimes due to nature of Traffic  ….i have a sensitive APP on squid that must be equalized to handle only 50 req/sec . “ No more “

i just want to equalize all incoming requests which can be in some seconds 60  , 40 , 90 , 100 , 50 to have steady 50 req/sec on squid equally and even if we need to delay some packs  its ok , just keep squid handle 50 req/sec  of those incoming requests no  more .

i know squid can limit connections and Drop connections above threshold , but i need only to discipline and Buffer and try to decrease dropped requests as possible and normalize all incoming requests to be steady 50 req/sec inside squid whatever there is burst outside or higher than 50 .

So again just need to apply that on “ new requests “ not on already “ established “ connections .

Let me know Guys if squid can do something like that or we need 3rd party outside squid .

Kind regards 

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