[squid-users] Squid transparent not caching apt requests from deb.debian.org

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Wed Apr 8 17:13:39 UTC 2020

>>On 4/7/20 8:48 PM, zrm wrote:

>On 4/8/20 10:46, Alex Rousskov wrote:
>>I found the reason for the difference.
>>After the destination IP address of your apt requests fails Host header
>>validation, Squid marks the request as "not cachable":

On 08.04.20 13:01, zrm wrote:
>I checked the DNS query apt is making to see why it's different. It's 
>making a SRV query for _http._tcp.deb.debian.org and then using the IP 
>address of the name (prod.debian.map.fastly.net) returned in the SRV 
>query. By contrast, squid does the A record query for deb.debian.org 
>and gets a CNAME for debian.map.fastly.net. Almost the same, but since 
>it's a CDN with many IP addresses, enough different that they happen 
>to not both return the same address and then validation fails.
>Meanwhile wget does the same A record query as squid and gets the same 
>The question then becomes what to do about it. Maybe if squid fails 
>the validation for the A query, it should try the SRV query and accept 
>the address as valid if it matches that. Another possibility would be 
>a config option to have squid completely ignore the address the client 
>used and always use the address it gets by doing its own DNS query for 
>the host, in which case the result would be safe to cache.
>But these are obviously changes requiring a new version of squid. Is 
>there any way to make it work without that?

I'd contact debian.org DNS masters. I believe CDN wasn't designedto cause this
kind of issues.

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