[squid-users] Squid Transparent Proxy with Coovachilli is not working

sknz sakibnizam at gmail.com
Sat Sep 14 07:43:07 UTC 2019

Hello Amos,
Okay, ports are fixed from here and forwarded 80 to 3127 in iptables.

http_port 3128 # for proxy client
http_port 3127 intercept # for http intercept

When a user tries to connect an HTTP site,

tcpdump -vv -ni eth1 port 80 >>>

tcpdump -vv -ni tun0 port 80 >>>

tcpdump -vv -ni eth0 port 80 >>>

... and the user never sees any output in the browser window. It's not
working somewhere in between tun0 <--> eth0. eth0 is WAN here. When I use a
forward proxy(http_port 3127 accel allow-direct), I can see the data passing
through all three interfaces, and it works.

### For an HTTPS site - Only 1st 5 packets(though squid is not handling

tcpdump -vv -ni eth1 port 443 >>>

tcpdump -vv -ni tun0 port 443 >>>

tcpdump -vv -ni eth0 port 443 >>>

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