[squid-users] caching and changing content

fansari nabil1385 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 11:53:45 UTC 2019

I will begin with you last question: the scenario I work on was not meant to
work with proxy so far but now we want to integrate it because of traffic
costs. Second point is that we cannot change anything on the application
right now.

This means I have to take everything as it is and to configure squid the
best way I can for our needs.

I have tested again putting a # before all refresh lines so from my
understanding it uses default behaviour.

My first test goes like this: I download the content - I get a MISS so it is
downloaded and should be cached.

When I request the content the second time (I clear local browser cache
before to simulate a second client loading the content for the first time) I
get a MISS again. So the content is downloaded again which is not what I

The second test (changing the content) now works of course since the content
was downloaded again.

But as I said: I need to fulfill both requirements.

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