[squid-users] squid email using curl/smtp using squid

--Ahmad-- ahmed.zaeem at netstream.ps
Sat Sep 7 20:24:54 UTC 2019

Hello Team 

i enabled port port in squid for mailing  in squid ssl ports 587.

curl  --url 'smtp://smtp.gmail.com:587' --ssl-reqd --mail-from 'xxxxxxxx at gcom' --mail-rcpt 'yyyyyyyy at gmail.com'  --upload-file mail.txt --user 'zzzzzzz at gmail.com:mmmmmm' --insecure  -x -U xpostfix:xpostfix -vv

here what i get in squid  error :

07/Sep/2019:16:23:59 -0400      0 - 32000 TCP_DENIED_REPLY/403 290 PUT ://smtp.gmail.com:587/mail.txt - HIER_NONE/ - - -

if i remove squid section :

-x -U xpostfix:xpostfix

im able to send the email .

anything else do i need to do in squid ?


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