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Sérgio Vieira ser.vieira at gmail.com
Sat Sep 7 10:41:48 UTC 2019


I’m trying to ignore some domains (like facebook.com, youtube.com, etc), meaning that I don’t want logs from this domains. 

I already inserted in the config file the following:
acl nolog dstdomain “/etc/squid/acl-nolog.txt”
access_log none nolog

In the txt, i have:

But it’s not working. How to achieve this? I’m using SquidMan v4.0 on macOS.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards

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> On 14 Aug 2019, at 06:14, Amos Jeffries <squid3 at treenet.co.nz> wrote:
>> On 14/08/19 9:11 am, Sérgio Vieira wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I followed the instructions on this
>> site: https://howchoo.com/g/mwi3ntu1mjq/how-to-set-up-a-proxy-server-on-mac
>> Regarding your questions:
>> - macOS Mojave 10.14.6
>> - Squid v4.0
>> - Instructions in the site mentioned above
>> - I use SquidMan
>> Why the changes in the config file don’t got permanent?
> It sounds like SquidMan is writing a new config file on each restart.
> AFAIK you have to edit the "Template" file used by SquidMan to retain
> any settings in the squid.conf the Squid gets handed.
> If that template is what you are already editing (via the SquidMan UI?),
> then it is probably a bug in SquidMan and you will need to contact the
> author about that.
> Amos
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