[squid-users] Squid CAS integration

Dario Basset dario.basset at unimi.it
Fri Sep 6 07:50:08 UTC 2019

My institution has been asked to integrate Squid and CAS. We want to integrate Squid and CAS in its simplest way, that is:
1) redirect the navigation to the CAS site, 
2) let the user input login/password, 
3) then, after successfull login, check with PHP all nnecessary permissions, 
4) proceed with Squid Proxy. 

I can't understand how to code Squid configuration and PHP helpers.
I have seen here http://squid-web-proxy-cache.1019090.n4.nabble.com/Need-help-for-ACL-Authentication-web-Form-Cookies-td4555576.html

But I cannot understand how to make it work. Can you please show me a link to simple example? Or tell me where are samples sources with PHP helpers and SQUID configuration in order ro have the full example working? 

Dario Basset

<signatureafterquotedtext>Dario Basset dario.basset at unimi.it 
Direzione Servizio bibliotecario d’Ateneo


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