[squid-users] simultanous requests: collapsed_forwarding

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Thu Sep 5 13:24:34 UTC 2019

On 05.09.19 06:46, fansari wrote:
>I have compiled squid 3.5.23 on a Debian Stretch (because I need SSL).
>This means i could enable the collapsed_forwarding feature because this is
>what we need (we don't have a case where we need to disable it - this could
>be interesting if you have a scenario where speed is more important than
>traffic limitation).

in fact, you can use collapsed forwarding with stock debian 9 squid.

However, I miss your question here.

>squid -v gives this output:
>Squid Cache: Version 3.5.23
>Service Name: squid
>Raspbian linux

doesn't look like debian, does it? :)
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