[squid-users] simultanous requests: collapsed_forwarding

fansari nabil1385 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 09:52:53 UTC 2019

In our scenario it might/will happen that clients will request the same
resources simultaneously.

I ran a test where I start one download with curl and with short delay
(about 1s) I request the same content by another client.

1567673769.781  12123 xxx.xxx.0.1 TCP_MISS/200 15553655 GET
https://xxx/1.mp4 - HIER_NONE/- video/mp4
1567673769.782  13992 xxx.xxx.0.239 TCP_MISS/200 15553655 GET
https://xxx/1.mp4 - HIER_DIRECT/xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx video/mp4

>From the documentation I found that there is a setting called
"collapsed_forwarding" which when enabled gives the behaviour we want to
achieve: let the first request finish with download and then handle the
others from squid cash.

Since our scenario is not time critical this would be the behaviour we want.

I am just wondering about one thing: I did not enable this setting (I also
tried to set it to "off" explicitly) and nevertheless it already behaves
this way.

When I interpret the logs correctly the first line indicates a waiting and
the second shows the download.

With "collapsed_forwarding on" it behaves in the same way as with "off". To
me it looks like as if the collapsing is used regardless whether it is
enabled or not.

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