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Vieri Di Paola vieridipaola at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 10:22:01 UTC 2019


On Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 10:13 PM Amos Jeffries <squid3 at treenet.co.nz> wrote:
> If you are able to share your config maybe we could help spot something,
> both for that and for the timeout issue.

I prepared and tested a trimmed-down squid conf:

# cat squid.conf
acl SSL_ports port 443
acl Safe_ports port 80          # http
acl Safe_ports port 21          # ftp
acl Safe_ports port 443         # https
acl Safe_ports port 70          # gopher
acl Safe_ports port 210         # wais
acl Safe_ports port 1025-65535  # unregistered ports
acl Safe_ports port 280         # http-mgmt
acl Safe_ports port 488         # gss-http
acl Safe_ports port 591         # filemaker
acl Safe_ports port 777         # multiling http
acl Safe_ports port 901         # SWAT

http_access deny !Safe_ports

http_access deny CONNECT !SSL_ports

http_access allow localhost manager
http_access deny manager

acl explicit myportname 3128
acl intercepted myportname 3129
acl interceptedssl myportname 3130

http_port 3128
http_port 3129 tproxy
https_port 3130 tproxy ssl-bump generate-host-certificates=on
dynamic_cert_mem_cache_size=16MB cert=/etc/ssl/squid/proxyserver.pem
sslproxy_flags DONT_VERIFY_PEER

sslcrtd_program /usr/libexec/squid/ssl_crtd -s /var/lib/squid/ssl_db -M 16MB
sslcrtd_children 40 startup=20 idle=10

cache_dir diskd /var/cache/squid 32 16 256

acl localnet src
acl localnet src

acl good_useragents req_header User-Agent Firefox/
acl good_useragents req_header User-Agent Edge/
acl good_useragents req_header User-Agent Microsoft-CryptoAPI/

http_access deny intercepted !localnet
http_access deny interceptedssl !localnet

http_access allow CONNECT interceptedssl SSL_ports
http_access deny !good_useragents

http_access allow localnet

debug_options rotate=1 ALL,9

reply_header_access Alternate-Protocol deny all
ssl_bump stare all
ssl_bump bump all

icap_enable on
icap_send_client_ip on
icap_send_client_username on
icap_client_username_encode off
icap_client_username_header X-Authenticated-User
icap_preview_enable on
icap_preview_size 1024
icap_service antivirus respmod_precache bypass=0 icap://
adaptation_access antivirus allow all

email_err_data on
client_lifetime 480 minutes

httpd_suppress_version_string on
dns_v4_first on
via off
forwarded_for transparent

cache_mem 32 MB

max_filedescriptors 65536
icap_service_failure_limit -1
icap_persistent_connections off

http_access allow localhost

http_access deny all

coredump_dir /var/cache/squid

refresh_pattern ^ftp:           1440    20%     10080
refresh_pattern ^gopher:        1440    0%      1440
refresh_pattern -i (/cgi-bin/|\?) 0     0%      0
refresh_pattern .               0       20%     4320

> You said Squid used TPROXY. The spoofing of packets causes a different
> set of routing tables and rules to be applied than normal server
> outgoing traffic.

I use Shorewall on this system. This program configures iptables and routing.
I dumped all the network information while trying to access port 80 on
host with IP addr. form local host with IP addr.

> Looks like Squid is doing everything right and the issues is somewhere
> between the TCP SYN send and SYN ACK returning.

I suspect there must be something wrong with my routing or marking
(please see dump).



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