[squid-users] Guidance needed. Issues with WPAD and Firefox

Erick Perez - Quadrian Enterprises eperez at quadrianweb.com
Thu Oct 3 03:47:02 UTC 2019

Hi, maybe somebody here experienced the same issues while working with
WPAD files.

I have a working Centos 7.6/SQUID v4.8 that works as expected.
It works as long as I manually configure the proxy in the network
settings of each workstation (windows) firefox browser 69.0.1 (64bit)
and the same behavior with IE and Chrome.

if I open http://squid_fqdn/wpad.dat the file gets downloaded and has
all the info.
apache logs show me the client is properly connecting and requesting the file.

the wpad.dat has two lines
if (isPlainHostName(host)) return "DIRECT";
return "PROXY squid_fqdn:8080";

However, the moment I switch to using WPAD, the browsers stop working,
and I see nothing on the squid logs. So it seems it is a browser issue
regarding the WPAD.
Has anyone here knows in firefox what a PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR   means?

FWIW: I'm not using SSL bump, not caching anything and only using:
my squid is only used for allowing access to specific domains.

thanks for your help,


Erick Perez

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