[squid-users] squidclamav cant connect to clamd service

robert k Wild robertkwild at gmail.com
Fri Dec 27 19:15:49 UTC 2019

hi all,

ive been struggling with this for a few weeks and hopefully one of you guys
can help me out as im struggling finding solutions

ive installed on my centos 7 vm machine


c-icap modules


squid 4.9






and i followed this guide compiling them from source with the configure
options make and make install on all of them


squid works as a proxy just fine, just struggling with the c-icap with
squidclamav part

this is the error i get -

Sun Dec 22 21:40:44 2019, 1586/40797952, squidclamav.c(2081) dconnect: Sun
Dec 22 21:40:44 2019, 1586/40797952, ERROR Can't connect to clamd on local
socket /run/clamd.scan/clamd.sock.
Sun Dec 22 21:40:44 2019, 1586/40797952, squidclamav.c(787)
squidclamav_end_of_data_handler: Sun Dec 22 21:40:44 2019, 1586/40797952,
ERROR Can't connect to Clamd daemon.
Mon Dec 23 10:10:11 2019, main proc, c-icap server already running!
Mon Dec 23 10:37:44 2019, main proc, c-icap server already running!
[root at squid ~]# ls /run/clamd.scan/
[root at squid ~]#

but i have changed all my services to a /services directory and there all
running -

[root at squid ~]# ls /services/c-icap/
c-icap.ctl c-icap.pid
[root at squid ~]# ls /services/clamd.scan/
[root at squid ~]#

so my question is why is squidclamav still looking in

i have even specified in my "/etc/squidclamav.conf" where the clamd service

# clamd_port to the corresponding value.
clamd_local /services/clamd.scan/clamd.sock
#clamd_port 3310
but i have resolved it by this :)

so in my squid.conf i added the c-icap lines using this site as the link i
gave, gave a c-icap protocol error, everytime i opened a web page

https://www.server-world.info/en/note?os=CentOS_7&p=squid&f=5 (the c-icap
lines are at the end of the guide)

i also did this

vi /etc/tmpfiles.d/c-icap.conf
d /run/c-icap 0770 root root -

vi /etc/tmpfiles.d/clamd.scan.conf
d /run/clamd.scan 0770 root root -

i also made c-icap.conf and clamd.d/scan.conf, i made the user root just to
make my life a lot easier not to run into any troubleshooting problems

and finally this command to re-initialise squidclamav with the c-icap

echo -n "squidclamav:cfgreload" > /run/c-icap/c-icap.ctl

then when i went on the http://www.eicar.org/download/eicar_com.zip

i got a virus found
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