[squid-users] Is there a way on client to show proxy's certificate?

GeorgeShen g2011828 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 24 02:47:59 UTC 2019

>No. You receive a server cert and the CA chain required to validate that
>server cert.
>Stop thinking of certs as belonging to the proxy. It seems to be
>confusing you. All 3 certs can be called "the proxy's certs" and yet
>none of them is a "proxy cert" in TLS definitions.


but those two certs the client got is the certificate I created for the
proxy, and it is defined on the 'ssl-bump' line
cert=/usr/local/squid/etc/ssl_cert/myCA.pem. That myCA.pem has a private key
and a certificate, the client 'openssl s_client' receives two of the certs
are that certificate. I thought this had to be the 'proxy' cert. 

- George

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