[squid-users] Allow proxy access only to a specific user

Null asfand0817 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 17:55:01 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,
I have a VPS with 2 different IPs:

I have two users credentials in my passwd for the ncsa auth:

*I am trying to configure squid such that:*
user1 can only access *207.x.x.x* but NOT /164.x.x.x/
user2 can only access /164.x.x.x/ but NOT *207.x.x.x*

*And in the case i have 4 different IPs (so 4 proxies) and i want to give
each user 2 "private" proxies, how would i do that?*

user1 can only access *207.x.x.x, 158.x.x.x* but NOT /164.x.x.x, 125.x.x.x/
user2 can only access /164.x.x.x, 125.x.x.x/ but NOT *207.x.x.x, 158.x.x.x*

*Is it possible to have a list of proxies allowed per each user?*

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