[squid-users] Resolved: Peek-and-splice not working when mixing TLS1.3 servers and TLS1.2 clients

tannmann tannmann at gmail.com
Thu Dec 12 17:56:16 UTC 2019

I've also compiled from Nikolaus's branch and get the same results as John.
It appears to fix the issues with inappropriate fallback, but I get the same
"Error parsing SSL Server Hello Message on FD 15". 

Interestingly, I also get those errors when I compile from the branch
suggested by Alex at https://github.com/measurement-factory/squid/pull/60/. 
Building from this branch, or from Nikolaus's gives me the same results, no
more inappropriate fallback errors (yay!), but now those "Error parsing SSL
Server Hello Message on FD XX" errors. I haven't found any problems related
to these new errors, everything going through the proxy appears to work

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