[squid-users] TCP_MISS/502 - audio stream - none default http ports

Dörfler, Andreas Andreas.Doerfler at kempten.de
Tue Sep 18 13:31:49 UTC 2018

hey louis,

thanks for you help and time!

found the problem, since there are firewalls in between, i forgot check
a specific point, and well, it was one of the firewalls, no wonder it
was driving me nuts. 
one of those double facepalm moments once i realized it.

> And thank you for the music link, something different then the radio here. ;-) 

no problem, was the first random google search result ;-)

> : acl SSL_ports port 443
> ## PS in your config you did miss to add the extra SSL_Ports also to the Safe_port. 

na, actualy there are 3 ports configured :D

> ## And here you missed the "allow localnet" 

"http_access allow all" makes localnet obsolete, access restrictions are
handled by a firewall.

> If you want the 4.2 for stretch, you can find it here : 
> https://downloads.van-belle.nl/squid/squid4.2/ 
> Buildlogs are all included, or rebuild it yourself from sid/testing. 
> Its a pretty easy rebuild imo. 

i'll check that the next days from a private server, thanks a bunch :D.

have a nice one,
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