[squid-users] About SSL peek-n-splice/bump configurations

Julian Perconti vh1988 at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Sep 12 14:28:11 UTC 2018

> > So, in a brief the confi is:
> >
> > ssl_bump peek step1 all
> > ssl_bump peek step2 noBumpSites
> > ssl_bump stare step2 all
> ... which should be equivalent to an even simpler config:
>   ssl_bump peek step1 
>   ssl_bump peek noBumpSites
>   ssl_bump stare all

Yes, i've tested and squid log shows the same. So,it appears that squid takes the same actions.

> ... which, for many reasonable definitions of noBumpSites (that match during
> step1 if and only if they should match during step1), can be simplified even
> further:
>   ssl_bump peek noBumpSites
>   ssl_bump stare all

Same as above, this "compact" config seems to be the same as the three above bump ruleset.

Please, let me know if I understand why those cfg are equals or equivalent to config I've posted as a "final one".

First alternative difference:

>   ssl_bump peek step1  # implicit "all" at step1
>   ssl_bump peek noBumpSites # As there no step specified, squid match at any step then this line, match at step1 and then at step2 , so when a match occurs at step2 it precludes future bumping of the sites listed in the ACL.
>   ssl_bump stare all # Here there is either no step2 (and any step) specified but, because in the previous line You has (implicitly) peeked at step2, the stare'ing not (or canĀ“t) applies to sites listed in ACL (they were peeked at step2).

Second alternative difference:

>   ssl_bump peek noBumpSites # Like previous example, but..I guess that as there is no "all" explicit, this line do a "peek all at step1" (implicitly) and at step2 sites listed in ACL are being peek'd. To clarify, if I would add an "all" at the end of this line, then all traffic would be spliced.
>   ssl_bump stare all # There is no change between this line in both configs you've posted, So my "explanation" would be the same as of the "First alternative"

> However, please note that the three configs above implicitly rely on Squid
> splicing (or bumping) at step3 because of the previously matching
> step2 peek (or stare) action and the lack of an explicit step3 rule.
> Whether Squid v4.2 actually does what it should be doing, I do not know.

Answered; squid "automagic " are working as spected. (Squid Cache: Version 4.2-20180902-r6d8f397)

> > 1: Is this peek-n-splice ruleset insecure?
> Define "secure".

Well, is not the same if there is a squid-TLS (in the LAN) between a client and sensitive external server when a TLS connection is being established as if there is nothing between they.

In this sense I would like to know how could I interference as less as possible with the squid in the middle when someone is accesing to a site that I wish not to bump.
Or let the less quantity of security holes as possible.

> > 2: It is correct to say that those lines are not necessary/redundant?
> They should be redundant, but I do not know whether Squid v4.2
> implements this aspect of the specs correctly. I know that there were related
> implementation bugs in some Squid v3 releases. You can test and, if needed,
> file a bug report.
> > (#ssl_bump splice step3 noBumpSites/#ssl_bump bump step3 all)
> Please note that the meaning of your noBumpSites ACL changes from one
> step to another (because it gets more/different info). Thus, it is incorrect to
> say that
>   ssl_bump peek step1
>   ssl_bump peek step2 noBumpSites
>   ssl_bump splice step3 noBumpSites
>   ...
> is always exactly equivalent to
>   ssl_bump peek step1
>   ssl_bump peek step2 noBumpSites
>   ssl_bump splice step3 all # should be optional
>   ...
> When using the first configuration, it is possible that, in some specific case,
> noBumpSites matches during step2 but does not match during step3, and
> Squid proceeds to evaluating the remaining "..." rules in that specific case.
> Such sequence of events is not possible in the second configuration because
> splicing at step3 is unconditional there -- it does not rely on noBumpSites
> matches during step3.

OK, thanks to clarify that.

Last question.

When I do this:

ssl_bump splice noBumpSites
ssl_bump stare all

It is supposed that in this config I am (guessing), implicity, peeking  (first?) and splice at any step and bumping (implicity) at step3 sites that does not match with whitelist by staring at step2. Maybe something like that, I dont know.

The thin is that I see in the logs a tunnel but, instead an IP address it shows a domain. (TCP_TUNNEL www.dropbox.com:433) *and* a security ALERT. Saying that there is no IP that match with the xyz.net domain, or some like that.

So, taking into account the needs that I have already mentioned, what is the way I should take?

> HTH,

Always helps.

Thank You!
> Alex.

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