[squid-users] content adaptation using squid

Yosef Meltser yosefmel at post.bgu.ac.il
Thu Sep 6 06:06:48 UTC 2018


We have managed to create a proxy server using a squid in an intercept mode.

Now we would like to make a content adaptation, for example to show an alert
every time the user entered a website.

We are not familiar with this domain, so we are looking for the easiest way
to inject java script in the http response (of course only http sites).

 The main two adaptation mechanisms are:

1.       Icap

2.       Ecap

For example, in Icap there are some server frameworks that we can use (like
c-icap, ICAP-server and etc and etc), which one is the most recommended?

In contrast to the above, ECAP is not using any server, and the whole
process in embedded into the squid, so it sounds quite easier. Is it?

Thank you in advance.

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