[squid-users] Squid Kerberos helper leaking memory - OpenBSD 6.3

Silamael silamael at coronamundi.de
Tue Sep 4 13:24:21 UTC 2018


I'm currently investigating a memory leak in with the Kerberos negotiate 
authentication helper in Squid 3.5.27 under OpenBSD 6.3. It's a own port 
with added Kerberos support since OpenBSD's port does not support 
Kerberos at all.

As library Heimdal 7.5.0 is used. So far I had no luck in finding the 
memory leak itself.

Would it be safe for Squid, to patch the helper code so that it does a 
clean exit after every X processed requests?

Or will this bring new problems on Squid's side?

Thanks for any help!

-- Matthias

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