[squid-users] can squid use dns server on random port(non-53)?

Dieter Bloms squid at bloms.de
Wed Jun 27 04:29:30 UTC 2018


On Tue, Jun 26, Gordon Hsiao wrote:

> checked the manual it seems I can only set dnsserver with a new IP, is it
> possible to make squid support non-standard DNS port, e.g. 5353?

maybe you can use a dns resolver like unbound, dnscache, dnsmasq, ....
which can be configure to listen on localhost port 53, so only squid can
access it via localhost and no other servers.
These dns resolvers can be configure to use a non standard port like
5353 for the destination dns servers.

But in the past I've never seen a dns server listening on port 5353, so
maybe the setup is a little broken.



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